Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lent Day 3 - Mark 1:29-45

Jesus’ preaching and healing ministry continues. And as it continues so does Jesus’ notoriety grow. Yet as grows Jesus takes time to be alone in prayer. I don’t think that Jesus was overwhelmed by busyness that lead to Jesus’ retreat. Rather I think the needs of the people and Jesus’ compassion drove Him to spend intentional time with the Father pleading on their behalf. I wonder if Jesus’ prayers included questions?
Though Jesus tells otherwise, Jesus’ fame grows such that He has to move about more secretly. That points out how dangerous Jesus’ message really was. When people heard Good News about God’s Kingdom they had preconceived notions of what that would look like. Jesus still need time for them to gain at least a closer understanding to what His Kingdom will look like. So far it looks like healings and casting out demons.
I do like that the NRSV has Simon and the other disciples “hunting” for Jesus in verse 36. When is the last time you ‘hunted’ for Jesus? Certainly that makes for a Lenten attitude!
What drives you to prayer? Crisis? Times of Praise? Relationship?
What “unclean” things should we have compassion for? How can we give a healing touch?
How can you better “hunt” for God?
What dangers do you see in the Good News of the Kingdom?

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