Friday, March 25, 2011

Lent Day 14 - Mark 6:1-6

We've seen the people amazed, now we see Jesus amazed, but not in a good way. Jesus returns home and speaks at his home synagogue. You'd think the people would welcome and rejoice at His presence which has grown to such popularity. Recently, I got to go to my home church and teach Sunday School and participate in worship (helping to serve communion). I got to see people I haven't seen in years and learn about others from that church heading into the ministry. It was a great time. Jesus' reception was much less joyous. The people remember Jesus, but something has changed. They ponder where Jesus got His wisdom and power. Jesus has changed, but they haven't. I think this is a bit like the commercial that has the father talking to his child daughter who is in the front seat of a car. He gives her all kind of safety reminders. As she is about to drive off we see that she is really a teenager and it was only in his perception that she was still a child. Perhaps something similar explains the hometown reaction of taking offense at Him. Despite their unbelief, Jesus does still do some acts of healing, but apparently minor compared with His ministry elsewhere. This story ends with Jesus' response - amazement.
Why do you think Jesus' hometown receive Jesus positively? Do we ever do something similar with God today? How so?
What do you think had changed in Jesus?
What is the source of our transformation as followers of Christ?
What is one thing you can do that would allow God to surprise you?

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