Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lent Day 12 - Mark 5:1-20

From calming the chaos outside to calming the chaos within. Yesterday we looked at Jesus calming the chaotic seas (4:35-41). When Jesus makes His way to the other side of the sea, Jesus cures the chaos of a legion of demons within a wild man living among the tombs. He is physically out of sorts, screams wildly, and harms even himself. Yet, he names Jesus as "Son of the Most High" and recognizes His power. Jesus cast the demons into pigs which Jews believed to unclean. The are in affect, coming home by going into the sea (where demons live). Those who owned the pigs went to the town and told all what had happened. Surprisingly, the town doesn't come cheering Jesus for removing the demons and healing the man. Instead, finding the man in his right mind (without the internal chaos), they beg Jesus to leave. Even though the cured man wants to follow Jesus, Jesus refuses telling the man to be a witness right where he was.
How do you think demons manifest themselves today?
What do you think Mark's Gospel is getting at by having demons correctly identify Jesus yet others don't?
Why do you think the town begged Jesus to leave? Do you think they had become comfortable in their pain? Do we become comfortable in our pain and refuse Jesus' help or just help in general?
Why do you think Jesus refuses to take the man with Him? What does it say that the man went to the Decapolis (Roman cities) to testify about Jesus? What might this say about how God can testify through us right where we are?

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