Friday, March 11, 2011

Lent Day 2 - Mark 1:14-28

Today’s reading highlights the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. Jesus preaches about the coming Kingdom of God. We see the call of the first disciples to “follow him.” Jesus does so with urgency. The word “immediately” occurs five times in these verses. We also see Jesus healing. Interestingly this healing happens in the middle of a synagogue. There are demons even in the synagogue! Yet Jesus rebukes the demon, who obviously knows Jesus even pronouncing Him as “The Holy One of God.” The people are amazed at His authority. Questions:
How does Jesus characterize the Kingdom of God? Interestingly Jesus preaches the Good News. Typically when we think about the content of Good News, it includes Jesus’ death and resurrection which have not occurred yet. How might that change the way we think about what the Good News actually is?
Based on Jesus’ invitation and the disciples’ response, how would you characterize discipleship to Jesus?
What are some common excuses for not following Christ? Are busyness and other excuses legitimate for not following Jesus? How can you make time today (or throughout Lent) to hear God’s invitation to grow closer to following His ways?
What are some demons which hamper the church today?
How was the man healed relationally as well as physically?

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