Monday, April 18, 2011

Lent Day 34 - Mark 12:35-44

These two stories end this chapter where Jesus has answered tough questions. By these answers Jesus has condemned the religious leaders and these two stories do similarly. In the first story Jesus contrast His Sonship that is from and like King David's, that is from true authority, and the religious leaders who use their position for selfish gain and from selfish motivation.
The second story truly presents a contrast to the religious leaders' actions. The first story had Jesus teaching in the Temple to the crowds approval. In the second story, Jesus brings His disciples close to observe a widow putting in two coins worth a mere penny. Unlike the extravagant and noisy way rich people were putting their large sums of money into the Temple treasury, the widow puts her gift of almost no monetary worth. Yet Jesus notes to the disciples that her gift is worth more than all the other contributors. She gave all that she had and not simply out of abundance.
What king of King is Jesus? How is His authority in contrast to the religious leaders of His day?
What things do you do for show and what things do you do from the pure motivation of love?
How might the story of the widow's mite challenge our notions of what is of worth? And what it means to have riches? What prevents you from giving more in terms of your talents and money? How does following Christ relate to our giving?

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