Monday, April 25, 2011

Ecclesiology - Part I

Due to popular demand (or a few nice people's request) my blog with continue. While before it was mainly a daily devotional, now the blog will included devotional elements as well as random wonderings. No doubt my way of questioning will continue and I invite you to see these questions not as rhetorical, but as conversation starters. Feel free to post your opinions and maybe we'll grow and discover where God is moving together.
Today's question comes from what is a growing interest of mine: ecclesiology or what we think about the church. Because we live in such an individualistic and anti-authoritative culture and with the rise of resources on the internet the church's authority and reach is increasing marginalized. My question for you is where does the church rank for you? Is it vitally important to your relationship with God? Is it important only so far as it was established by Christ but has become corrupted by layers and layers of tradition? For many more today, the church is increasingly seen as one resources among many others (google, wikipedia, spirituality fairs, self-help books, etc.) or regulated to the place of archaic and antiquated.
Today's reading: Matthew 16:13-19
What is Christ's Church build on?
What is the connection for you between individual faith and the church?


  1. Scott, I noticed yesterday that the New York times made no mention of Easter on its front page. Instead they ran a story a church pastor who helped a lesbian kidnapper. No kidding. Speaking of being marginalized.

  2. Not real surprising is it John? That IS a surprising Easter headline. Thanks for sharing that.