Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lent Day 30 Mark 11:1-11

Jesus enters Jerusalem to cheers. Fitting that we are in this section of the Gospel of Mark with Palm Sunday coming up this Sunday. It is an awkward image of Jesus coming into Jerusalem as the prophet Zechariah had predicted. Messiahs, Saviors, came into major cities riding war horses and with chariots. Here Jesus enters to the people's excitement, proclaiming Him as one bringing the kingdom like one in lineage from King David, but riding a servants animal. Jesus doesn't just come in to town, but goes right into the Temple. Questions:
What might this scene say about the Kingdom of God? About Jesus' Messiahship? About power?
What do you imagine the crowd was thinking when they went to greet Jesus? How would seeing Jesus on a donkey have changed their expectations?
What do the crowds shout? (v. 9) Hosanna is a word that is praise to God and a prayer for His coming. What are they hoping Jesus would be doing?
What else do the crowds do? (v. 8) What is Jesus' kingship calling us to do? To give up?

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