Sunday, June 26, 2011

Missional Church: Does church seem too institutional and prepackaged for your liking?

Does church seem too institutional and prepackaged for your liking? Perhaps the missional church movement might be more to your taste. The missional church movement was birthed from academia, especially the work of missionary Lesslie Newbigin. The major shift coming from this movement is less program and institution based to a more organic bottom up empowerment of members aimed at building relationships with and creating networks for the hurting outside the community. The focus is on the needs of those not currently "in" and are usually intentional about being multicultural. This movement sounds a caution to Christianity steeped in cultural values, especially individualism. Missional churches are overt in not trying to meet the needs of members but directed towards the needs of those who cannot help themselves.
Scripture: Matthew 10 (Jesus sends out the Twelve)
How does the Missional Church movement challenge your understanding of church? Where might they go too far?
What were Jesus' instructions to the twelve disciples?
What does it look like to be "worthy" of Christ (vv. 37-38)? What might that imply about taking up our cross and following Christ?
How would you explain to a friend what it means to "lose" you life only to "find" for Christ's sake (v. 39)?
What might a "welcoming" lifestyle look like (vv. 40-42)?
How might you have a "missional" outlook this week?

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