Thursday, April 26, 2012

General Conference Day 2 Reflections (Naive & Gullible as they may be)

As I leave General Conference, I leave a little more impressed with the global connection that is the United Methodist Church. I am impressed how passionate so many are for Christ, for the world, and secondarily for the United Methodist Church. I also leave a little less gullible and naïve.
I found it interesting yesterday in how speaking to a group of people on the conservative side theologically and reading a blog of those on the liberal side of the theological spectrum interpreted the discussion on rules and amendments very obviously informed by their respected perspectives. Each saw the manipulative hand of the other at work in the discussion about how the rules to govern our legislative process. Either I'm more naïve than I thought (which is possible) or each was relatively blinded by their perspectives.
My prayer as I leave General Conference over the next eight days is that more people will be able to be willing to take off their ideological glasses and risk trusting one another instead of viewing everything through prior commitments. Whether the glasses be those that view bigger is always bad, conservatives are manipulative, liberals are unbiblical, or whatever they may be so that a risking trust would find unity in mission and unity in Christ. Hopefully that is not as gullible and naive a wish as perhaps it seems now.


  1. Praying for you and the Conference. Love you man!

  2. Thanks for sharing and being there to care for souls. Praying for ya.

  3. Thanks Gary and Ken. Really neat to experience. Wish I could have stayed longer, but glad to be home!