Thursday, May 19, 2011

Master of Scripture or Mastered by Scripture?

On my wall resides one of the most audaciously titled degrees. I was awarded a Master Divinity (M. Div.) degree from Asbury Theological Seminary. What you actually learn in seminary is how little we can master the Divine and in fact we are invited to be mastered by the Divine for His service. The same is true about Scripture. We are not called to master Scripture, but to allow it to master us. Thus the purpose of reading and studying Scripture isn't for information or even inspiration, but transformation. When we read Scripture in way where we read our opinions in to it or trying to figure it out like deciphering a code we are masters over it instead of allowing it t master us. We're in control when we read Scripture in such a way that it affirms our already held beliefs, gives us trivial information, supports our opinions. We allow Scripture to be in control when we position our self such that we seek Scripture to challenge our previously held beliefs and inform how we live.
In Robert Mulholland's book Shaped by the Word he suggest we ask as we read, "What is God seeking to say to me in all of this?"
Scripture: John 16:13. John Wesley (the founder of Methodism) stated that Scripture was doubly inspired. It was inspired when it was written and when it is read.
When is the last time reading Scripture challenged a previously held belief?
Would you say you usually come to Scripture seeking inspiration, information, or transformation?
What Scripture passages do you find most challenging?
Do you find reading Scripture to be difficult or intimidating? 

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